Welcome to Ballance Hair: Crafting Beauty, Creating Experience

Since our doors opened in 2001, Ballance Hair has been a setting the highest standards in national hairdressing throughout Ireland. Nestled in the vibrant area of South Dublin, our salon is more than a place for a haircut; it’s a sanctuary. A clean, bright, and family-friendly space where you can kick back, unwind, and let us create magic with your hair.

Why Ballance Stands Out:

Global Influence, Local Heart: Our 5-star team, isn’t just about hair; they’re about creating lasting results. Having worked with influential names globally and trotted the globe for hair inspiration, our team brings the world’s best to your doorstep.

Passion Meets Talent: At Ballance, our staff is not just skilled; they’re passionate and relatable. This passion shines through in the pages of Irish and international magazines, on the sets of TV shows, and in every snip and style we create.

Always Trendsetting: We’re not just keeping up with trends; we’re setting them. Our salon is a blend of modern expertise, fueled by a commitment to constant learning. Your hair gets the latest and the greatest every time.

A Sense of Luxury: Our Signature Haircare Range:

Ever dreamt of taking the essence of Ballance home with you? Now you can. Our creative team have crafted a line of Ballance haircare products that’s not just easy to use; it’s an experience. Loved by our in-salon clients and those who shop online, our product range captures the very essence of our salon in every bottle.

Entertainment Meets Pampering:

Your time at Ballance is more than a salon visit; it’s an experience. While our expert staff works their magic, grab one of our E-Tablets, read magazines, play games, or surf the internet – your relaxation is as important to us as your hair goals.

At Ballance, we don’t just craft beautiful hairstyles; we create experiences. Join us for a journey where luxury, passion, and innovation come together to make your hair dreams a reality.

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